Sam Lowe
Professional Photographer

A Low Life:  “A person who is an opportunist and hangs out in honky tonk establishments”.

Honky tonk establishments? The best Kind!

An opportunist? Absolutely!

I live life a little differently. Im in an industry that fosters a different lifestyle than most are accustomed to. Society is in a transitional phase and I find myself fighting the uphill battle, along side many, of loneliness and uncertainty in our newly found secular society where choices are abundant but leave you confused and wanting. However it also fosters an environment in which one can thrive in their own unique way instead of following the normal, old school, way of life.

Through my work and blog I will continue to live life as I always have, exploring, challenging and doing what others often won’t. I’ll write about it, tell all about my journey of discovery as “the Lowe life” creating my own story, inspiring others to create theirs.